Each MirTrans-Express coach has enough luggage space. We want you to enjoy the most enjoyable and safe journey, so please read carefully the following.
In general, the ticket includes free shipping for:
– 1 hand baggage (max. 42 x 30 x 18 cm, max. 7 kg);
– 2 standard luggage (max 80 x 50 x 30 cm, with slightly different sizes, provided that the sum of all sides is 160 cm max., Max. 20 kg / luggage).
For safety reasons, it is important that hand luggage is stored in the compartments above the seat so that emergency exits remain free. To avoid any confusion, please label all your luggage with your name and address. Our friendly drivers will help you store your luggage in the luggage compartments.

Additional baggage

  Additional luggage must not exceed the dimensions and weight of the luggage. A toll is charged for this service. The extra baggage fee is payable to the driver only by a reservation at the Customer Service Desk. In general, we can not guarantee that there will be enough space for more than two pieces of luggage on board.

Forbbiden baggage

  In hand baggage or baggage is forbidden to carry some things between Moldova and Romania. At the exit from the Republic of Moldova, it is strictly prohibited to transport for more than 2 packages of cigarettes, 4 liters of wine and 1 liter of spirits. Foods like eggs, cheese, meat are also prohibited. We also notify you that any violation of the interstate regulations results in the loss of the right to travel without the return of the ticket. At the entrance to R Moldova textiles or other objects in large quantities are considered a lot of goods and will be subjected to customs. Their robbery and non-declaration entail the confiscation of the goods and the fine. In both situations, the right to travel will be lost without returning the ticket.

Trolleys / Wheelchairs / Mobility Equipment

  Trolleys, wheelchairs and mobility equipment are transported free of charge to our coaches. Wheelchairs and mobility equipment must be recorded by phone, no more than 24 hours before departure. Trolleys are considered as oversized luggage and must be recorded by phone, no later than 36 hours before departure. Please note: for safety reasons, wheelchairs can only be transported if they are collapsible and not electrically operated.

Musical instruments?

  Musical instruments that do not exceed the weight and dimensions of hand luggage (42 x 30 x 18 cm, max. 7 kg) may be taken on board free of charge in the passenger compartment instead of normal hand baggage. However, in the passenger compartments, you can store either hand luggage or the musical instrument. Musical instruments that exceed the dimensions of hand luggage (42 x 30 x 18 cm, max. 7 kg) are considered as special luggage and must be transported in the trunk of the coach into a suitable box. We recommend a rigid box to prevent damage to the instrument. They must be registered not earlier than 48 hours before departure by contacting our customer service team by phone. Their musical instruments and their large boxes are excluded from transport.

Have you forgotten your luggage?

  Please report lost luggage at the Lost Office. We will help you in the shortest possible time.

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